Vertication 2018: The Annual Summer Party

Posted on 27/06/2018

This year’s summer party started with a nourishing and activating breakfast in our beautiful office in Nordvest.

Over breakfast, we discussed wins, challenges and plans for an exciting future of Vertical Strategy- stay tuned!

However, all the exciting work also requires some rewarding free time to let loose. Consequently, the social part of our great day began with a fun and creative city challenge in the city of Copenhagen which invited our Vertipals to explore the city and cheer it up with funny pictures and challenges (a small selection of the results can be seen below).

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Hønen og Ægget which was topped with a live performance of Arvid, our very own singer-songwriter (check out his Spotify: ARViD)

Finally, the night was rounded up with what everyone was waiting for: cocktails and dancing.

We all had a fun and eventful day with the whole team and are looking forward to even greater success and even bigger party next year!