Growth Spotting: Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interface, the ability for users to interact with computers in natural human language, was one of the most hyped technologies last year. Articles circulated online describing how bots, in the future, will help us with everything from booking meetings, sending timely weather notifications, curating news, tracking packages, to ordering flowers for our loved ones. […]

7 Steps to Scope Digital Growth Opportunities

A recent survey by Berlingske concluded that 4 out of 10 top managers believe that their core business is already challenged by disruption. Yet, while many leaders are aware, few have taken the step to strategically analyze how their business should plan for a changing environment. At Vertical Strategy, we’ve developed our own strategic toolbox [...]

Top Six from the Hello Tomorrow Summit

The Hello Tomorrow Summit is an event focused on bringing together selected technology thought leaders and 50 cutting edge startups from more than 3000 applications to Paris. The 50 startups from ten different categories all compete for the grand prize of 100,000 Euro. Vertical Strategy was invited to attend the summit as innovators and we’d […]

Why Virtual Reality is NOT the next 3D Printing

2016 is turning out to be a big year for virtual reality. However, people’s opinion of VR is still divided: Some think it is a fad, while others believe it will transform our society. The skepticism is understandable. The hype of new technologies often fails to live up to our short term expectations. Sometimes it’s […]