5 Ways Customer Expectations Are Rising

Digitalization is changing everything from how we think, work, interact to how we make decisions. Today most of us cannot imagine our everyday lives without the internet, computers, smartphones, and our entire network of friends and family on social media. Soon an entire generation will have grown up in a digital world. They have never […]

Customer Experience Driven Innovation

At a time when digital technology is transforming one industry after another, many tend to view innovation as the result of breakthrough discoveries, powered by technology wizards. This belief, combined with the industry ‘folk tales’ of businesses overthrown overnight due to disruptive technologies, leads to most people concluding that: “We don’t know how to do […]

Customer Experience as a Strategic Discipline

There is no doubt that we’ve moved into the age of customers. Industries are turned upside down, as new concepts emerge that better fulfill consumer needs. Just ask retailers what Amazon’s free shipping and returns have meant to the industry. The power balance between consumers and corporations have shifted. Everyone with a $100 smartphone can […]