Why Uber And Volvo Is The Perfect Match

In the wake of the recent social media storm, you probably know that Uber is launching its driverless fleet in Pittsburg by now… Pittsburg was chosen because many of the leading experts in autonomous robots are from the local university, Carnegie Mellon (CMU). In fact, Uber has been heavily recruiting engineers from CMU to work […]

Our Guide to Navigating Disruption

Disruption is on everyone’s lips these days. Tales of Kodak and similar-fated companies are repeatedly shared at conferences and in news articles. While important, it is my opinion that we must transition the conversation – from a pure focus on the existence of disruption –  to how decision makers in large corporations can navigate disruption. […]

How to Measure The Success of New Business Concepts

According to traditional bottom line accounting, Facebook looked like a horrible investment in the first 5 years of operation as expenses far exceeded revenues. However, user behavior metrics painted a completely different picture of the business. In fact, daily active users grew from 1 million in 2004 to 100 million by 2008. Today, Facebook is […]