Startup Lisboa, a family of startups

Posted on 01/05/2018

Startup Lisboa is a vital part of the startup scene in the vibrant capital of Portugal. Not only is Lisboa home to the fastest growing startup landscape in Europe, the city has also created an exceptional environment with public institutions to support almost anyone with a good idea. Startup Lisboa is no exception.

While visiting Startup Lisboa, we met several entrepreneurs who have benefitted largely from mentoring at Startup Lisboa, which is more than a regular workplace for entrepreneurs. What really makes Startup Lisboa stand out, is the engaged entrepreneurs who see themselves as a family where everyone is obliged to support each other and share knowledge. A strong and social community seems to one of the most important catalysers helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life in this association.

A young musician and entrepreneur, that we met at the office space, explained what helped him become successful. When he set out on a journey to change how musicians create unique sounds and live performances, he could draw on his university education within music, while his limited knowledge about business models, market segmentation, design, etc. made the challenge overwhelming. A supportive environment and guidance from kindred spirits have helped him through to a point where he is now soon ready to bring his first product to market. Now soon ready to launch, he underlines that “it would have been difficult without the support from mentors and the ‘family’ at startup Lisboa”.

The most important takeaway from our visit at Startup Lisboa is that a strong culture and multi-disciplinary environment are fundamental factors when it comes to creating a fruitful and entrepreneurial environment. Something we recognize from our own company where it is a top priority to preserve and develop our culture and diverse team of consultants. Like Startup Lisboa, we have created a ‘family feel’ and we only headed home from our visit encouraged to continue our efforts to nurture our culture.


Startup Lisboa was founded in 2011 by Lisbon Municipality, Montepio Bank and Portuguese Agency for competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI). It is a private association that provides office space for entrepreneurs as well as supporting activities such mentoring, access to funding, networking activities. Startup Lisboa have since it’s start been home to 228 startups in five-storied building, which is situated in the heart of Lisboa.