5 Ways Customer Expectations Are Rising

Posted on 27/09/2016

Digitalization is changing everything from how we think, work, interact to how we make decisions. Today most of us cannot imagine our everyday lives without the internet, computers, smartphones, and our entire network of friends and family on social media. Soon an entire generation will have grown up in a digital world. They have never experienced a life without mobile communication, digital social networks, computers, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots. They are digital natives. This is also my reality. I cannot image a day without having everything available just a few clicks away on my smartphone. Even my mother does all her banking online, keeps me updated on her daily life via Instagram, and she just booked a hotel room for her next vacation through her smartphone.

Technological advances and digitalization are also changing our expectations to the experience that corporates offer us. Developing a customer-centric approach to create the necessary insights and a deep customer understanding is therefore increasingly important in order to meet customers’ expectations.

I see five new key customer expectations, all of which are driven by the digital revolution:

    Customers want it all. Any time. Everywhere. Uber understands this and has claimed its place in the taxi market by offering customers extraordinarily convenient transportation with easy and fast booking, route tracking and an estimated time of arrival. All in just a few clicks.
    Large amounts of data now allow corporates to analyze the digital footprint of their customers and as a result personalize the experience for the individual. Tesco excels in using the information gathered from their Clubcard loyalty program to personalize their offerings to customers’ shopping habits and price sensitivity.
    ‘If you want my attention, make it fun!’ Starbucks uses gamification to engage with customers and turn a traditional customer loyalty program into a simple game in which customers can reach three different levels of loyalty and are rewarded accordingly with material prizes such as drinks and food.
    Think mobile first, always! Reach customers everywhere on the device always at hand, their smartphone. With a few finger strokes, MobilePay has made peer-to-peer money transfers and payment extremely easy and convenient. The smartphone app is now used by more than half of the entire Danish population!
    Nowadays we are increasingly being judged in terms of our online appearance, and getting instant feedback from friends is important. Nike+ spikes runners’ motivation by making the exercise experience more social with a Facebook integration that makes it easy to share goals and achievements with friends.

At Vertical Strategy, we encourage corporates to pay attention to the changing needs and expectations of their customers. Through our work with corporates we have seen an increasing need for a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and emotions emotional journeys.

We believe in a customer-centric and strategic approach to customer experience. In fact, all innovation should take its point of departure in an identified customer pain. Our tested CX framework enables corporates to work with customer experience in a structured and analytical manner. By mapping out the end-to-end customer journey, we identify the emotional deficits and opportunity spaces where corporates can create extraordinary experiences and test ideas with customers.

How are you going to respond to digitalization and new customer behavior?