Ready For Take-off?

At Vertical Strategy, we’re passionate about moving the needle. While we respect incremental improvement, we like to aim for high altitude goals. Please¬†explore our different offerings below.

What we do

We apply a more agile approach to strategy development and differentiation based on our extensive experience in strategy consulting. We have six primary offerings.


We co-create business strategies for a fast paced and digital age by setting clear and ambitious directions and defining actionable must-win battles

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We help corporations understand customer behavior and identify unmet customer needs in order to spot business growth opportunities

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We help corporations design and launch new, unique and scalable business models, valued by customers and capable of disrupting the industry

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Growth Spotting

We help companies unleash their growth potential by screening, understanding and adapting relevant new technologies and business models

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We spot innovative business opportunities and build corporate incubators to unleash the innovative potential of organizations from within

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We support private equity players and help them investigate and evaluate acquisition targets through deep market insights and analytics

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