Accelerating Enzyme Solutions

Tasked by Novozymes to support the creation of the next billion business (10x) within the undeveloped sugarcane industry, we relocated a team of business designers to work with the corporate incubator in Curitiba, Brazil. Together with the incubator team, we set out to reshape the way enzyme solutions are brought to market by focusing in on rapid execution, customer centricity, and cross-functional co-creation.

 New Ways of Working

With a list of several billion-dollar, high-risk opportunities, it was deemed pivotal to anchor the product validation based on our entrepreneurial ways of working framework. These 8 principles were a fundamental shift in terms of previous processes for product validation.

In this process, we began by generating deep customer insights upon which individual concepts were evaluated. After prioritizing projects, the boundaries for how a product could be tested was designed in order to grant the right amount of freedom while still tying the projects to the mother organization.


Today, sprints have been applied to test most critical assumptions of technical feasibility, Further, JD partner has been brought onboard for accelerating industrial trials and validating commercial potential across the Brazilian market.

The transformation of the incubator has therefore not only equipped it to move concepts from the idea -, test – and pre-launch phase within 6 months – 10x the pace of a traditional development process in biotech – but also optimized the opportunities for successfully scaling up the solutions once launched.