Are You Our New CX Manager?

Posted on 23/03/2017

Does helping industry players unleash their potential within customer experience and digital strategy sound exciting to you?

Vertical strategy is growing, and we’re looking for a customer experience manager to join our team in Copenhagen.

The Role: As a customer experience manager, you will be responsible for leading our customer experience projects and helping clients identify customer pains, ideate on innovative solutions and test them on real customers. More specifically, you will manage project in which deliverables will include customer interviews, commercial analyses, customer journey mappings and concept sprints.

Our CX Approach: What sets us apart from the many agencies focused on customer experience, is that we also bring a strategy consulting perspective and toolbox to our projects. This enables us to also take a strategic business approach during ideation and to co-create with our clients based on a mutual industry understanding.

About Us: We believe that in a rapidly changing world, established businesses need to re-think their strategies and approach to stay competitive. By merging strategy consulting, entrepreneurship and a customer-centric mindset, our mission is to facilitate growth opportunities to businesses looking for the additional edge.

Give Us A Sign: The ideal candidate is someone who has a project manager background from strategy consulting or digital strategy. That said, we’re also open to applicants with a different background, as long as you have the right combination of analytical and personal skills. If you’re intrigued by this opportunity, please introduce yourself here.