A New Home-buying Experience

Sunday is the first product out of Danske Bank’s entrepreneurial idea-factory, MobileLife. Together with MobileLife, we helped develop a new housing platform by re-thinking the home-buying experience.

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The Challenge

For most people purchasing a home is the single largest financial decision in their life. Therefore, it is not surprising that consumers spend a great deal of time researching before making a decision.

However, the traditional home purchasing process can be overwhelming as searching and negotiating for financial support are separate processes. The challenge is to bring these fragmented stakeholders together inside a single platform and use intelligent filters to only surface options that fit the purchasers economy.

 Our Solution

After identifying the core customer pain, we began to design the desired customer journey and make it into an executable prototype.

This process was completed in close collaboration with local cross-functional teams of user experience designers, IT architects and concept thinkers. In order to secure the long-term viability and strategic relevance of the concepts, we identified new business models. Finally, we supported the executive board of Danske Bank with ongoing counsel as Sunday was brought to market.