Designing the customer experience



Vertical Strategy helped Metroxpress (MX)  become more customer-centric in their B2B sales approach by developing an innovative customer experience strategy to increase sales metrics and drive customers satisfaction


MetroxpressDigital advertising channels are challenging the print advertisement market. The overall market for printed advertising has fallen from 16% to 12% since 2010, while digital advertising has increased and now accounts for ~40% of the market. This has led to a negative price and reputation spiral for the print industry and despite being the only newspaper seeing increasing readership and growing market share, MX was facing a revenue decline! MX therefore needed to re-think their B2B sales approach towards advertising agencies and direct customers in order to turn around the development and re-establish their position as a progressing company, a market challenger and an industry leader.

VERTICAL STRATEGY case - Metroxpress, Customer ExperienceOUR APPROACH

To better understand the customers, we started by mapping the entire customer journey for selling B2B print advertising. This analysis included customer needs, customer behaviour and customer belief.

Based on the identified pain points, we identified ‘low hanging’ opportunities to dramatically improve the current experience. During the entire research phase, the MX sales team was involved via workshops to secure ownership and co-create insights.


Among many important findings, the customer journey analysis showed that 75% of all sales reps’ time and efforts were spent in lesser value contributing tasks. Furthermore, the analysis showed that customers’ view on MX was significantly different from how they wanted to be perceived.


VERTICAL STRATEGY case - Metroxpress, Customer ExperienceGiven these findings, Vertical Strategy, in cooperation with the MX management, developed a set of pilot initiatives that were immediately executed in order to test new experiences with a “build-measure-learn” approach.
The focus of the pilots was on how MX could better inspire the customers, follow up, and prove the effect of their media. This covered not only existing touch points, but also helped define new touch points, turning out to be a much more valuable and differentiated service by all standards!

The pilots resulted in immediate improvements, increased sales and positive customer feedback. Based on the pilot results, a customer experience strategy was developed and six must win battles were identified. Accordingly, multiple focused initiatives were taken to execute the pilots on a larger scale, secure continuous customer focus and deliver an organisational change of mindset. Hence extraordinary customer experiences were witnessed.

After three months:

  • Sales reps were able to increase their overall meeting activity and deliver increased customer value
  • A focus on feedback and initial “effect” had increased the overall basket size per customer
  • Advertising agencies had on average increased their MX share of campaigns
  • Sales were ahead of projections