Re-inventing The Future of Marine Electronics

Eco-systems are increasingly creating the entry barriers that safeguard various business verticals: App stores for smartphones, Slack for work communication, and extensions for Google Chrome. Together with Qvartz, we were tasked to define the next generation experience of boat fishing for Lowrance, a world-leading marine electronics manufacturer. After several workshops, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we fleshed out a roadmap for the future of fishing based on the changing landscape of customer expectations.

 From Research to Pretotypes

By interacting with and observing experienced anglers, from different consumer segments, we mapped out insights related to how the fishing experience could be improved. These insights were used as a blueprint to ideate a range of digital concepts, which later funneled to real-look-a-like functional pretotypes of sonar displays. Our pretotypes were built, tested and updated throughout a 3-day sprint.

 Assessing Business Models

Not only did we identify concepts that solve real consumer pain, we also went a step further to validate new potential business models, in order to ensure long-term viability. This included negotiating new partnerships to further improve the core value proposition. We wish we could share more about this project, but due to contractual constraints, you just have to wait for the future moves by Lowrance.