Where do the largest startups and innovation hubs in Copenhagen live?

Posted on 05/06/2018

Danish fintech ‘Pleo’ announced a $16m (~100 mDKK) series A investment round on May 30th after only a few years in existence. A very large round for Danish standards and a massive achievement for the Danish startup environment!

To celebrate we thought we would look at how the startup and incubator maps look like in Copenhagen. We crunched some data and put together a handy overview of the Copenhagen innovation map for innovation hubs and young startups.

The map below shows the actual location of the top five most equity funded startups (according to Crunchbase) in five selected verticals:

  1. Analytics
  2. E-commerce
  3. Fintech
  4. Healthcare / Biotech
  5. Social Media / Online community

Clearly, we saw some clusters of startups so we wanted to compare with where some of the most well-known innovation hubs where located. The map includes incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.

COBIS gathers quite a few Healthcare / Biotech companies, while the Islands Brygge based ‘Startup Village’ gathers a few of the largest startups as well.

Beyond that Copenhagen is geographically a diverse city with large startups located all over the city.

Hope you find the mapping valuable – you are welcome to share and use how you would like.


A few notes to the mapping

  • Startups are measured according to total equity funding as listed on Crunchbase. We did do a few corrections though, e.g. the Conferize IPO raise
  • Startups listed are founded after 2007 – that’s why you might be missing Area9
  • Companies are listed by HQ location – that’s why you might be missing Unity (also they were founded before 2007). Technically Pleo is headquartered in London, but we have included them anyway.