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Customer Experience Executive Morning


How do small and large enterprises work with customer experience? At this event, you will learn how to get started with customer experience and which tools that have been successfully applied by industry leaders.

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Customer Experience Executive Morning


Please join us and other business leaders for our next Winners of Tomorrow event, focused on customer experience. This is an intimate event intended to foster conversation and learning on how you can approach customer experience.


We know it can be a daunting topic, and it's tricky knowing where to begin. During this executive morning event, you will be exposed to different strategic tools applied by startups and industry leaders to build a truly customer centric organization.


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Mette Flinch, Head of Customer Experience at Danske Bank, will share how Danske Bank works with CX and her key learnings. After the presentation, you will be able to ask questions related to your customer experience goals.


AGENDA (8:30 - 10:00)

- Arrival and light breakfast (starts 8:00)
- Introduction by Joachim Allerup
- Key learnings by Mette Flinch, Danske Bank
- A startup's approach to Customer Experience
- Hands on Customer Experience Tools by Ditte Jakobsen


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