A Bank For Millennials

Driven by user-experiences from digital players such as SnapChat, Facebook, and Google, millennials have a different set of expectations from services compared to their previous generations. Mobile-first, individually tailored, and freemium are some of the important trends. Tasked by Danske Bank to shape the future banking experience, we gathered a cross-functional team of highly engaged employees, anthropologists, and corporate entrepreneurs to design a world-class banking experience for the young generation to come.

 Mapping The Journey

In close collaboration with Danske Bank’s cross-functional team, we went out to understand the needs and desires of the “always-connected” millennials. The analysis covered the doing, thinking, needs, and pains of this consumer segment. We concluded that their expectations from a bank on many levels are fundamentally different from previous generations.

Through insights from observations and interviews, we began to map the future desired end-to-end journey, focusing on existing customer pains.


By exploring the customer journey, we identified multiple new opportunities to improve the experience and solve key pains – for the banks and for the consumers. Rather than building the solutions right away, we agreed to create simple pretotypes to gage possible market-fit.

After a round of prioritized ideas, we conceptualized the selected concepts through time-boxed sprints, including ongoing feedback from millennials. Through these iterations, we learned which value-propositions spoke to the heart of the Danske Bank’s future customers.