Encouraging Change Leaders

The Reach for Change mentorship programme 2018 was kicked off back in May with a bunch of excited mentors from QVARTZ and Vertical Strategy lined up to meet "their" Change Leaders. Reach for Change is a non-profit incubator programme for social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for how to improve children's lives. They aim at giving [...]

Where do the largest startups and innovation hubs in Copenhagen live?

Danish fintech 'Pleo' announced a $16m (~100 mDKK) series A investment round on May 30th after only a few years in existence. A very large round for Danish standards and a massive achievement for the Danish startup environment! To celebrate we thought we would look at how the startup and incubator maps look like in Copenhagen. We crunched some data and put [...]

Ideia Co-Working Space

At Vertical Strategy, we believe that inspirational spaces can spike innovation and creativity in all minds. That's why we were quite excited to explore new ideas when visiting one of the most vibrant co-working spaces in the Portuguese capital - the Ideia Hub. What we are bringing back home to our own space in Nordvest: [...]

Visiting Village Underground

Located next to LX Factory and near the old Lisbon docks, entering Village Underground can seem confusing and overwhelming at first. The place is composed of 13 maritime containers and 2 disabled buses arranged like Tetris and with bright colors, cool graffiti and clever details all around: A wooden swing, a bridge to get from […]

Going Vertical in Hamburg

First, we take Manhattan, then we take Hamburg. Today, Vertical Strategy opens the doors to our third office in the vibrant city of Hamburg. This move is a part of an innovative growth strategy where we build smaller Vertical tribes right where innovation is happening. It will bring us closer to serving our European clients [...]

How does the Lisbon investment and startup environment compare to the rest of Europe?

We analyzed the investment and startup environment of Lisbon compared to other European Capitals. Despite a smaller size and absolute investment amounts, the number of startups per capita in Lisbon actually equals that of London – although falling far behind Amsterdam and Dublin, according to CrunchBase data. Read more about the Startup and VC landscape […]

Vertical’s Eight New Ways Of Working

8 New Ways of Working is a combination of mind-set principles and concrete tools we’ve synthesized from setting up corporate incubators, improving customer experiences and developing new product offerings. Below you will find illustrations and insights for each individual of the mind-sets and tools. Think Big - Act Small, Step 1: During the creation of new [...]

Shaping The Future Together With QVARTZ

Vertical Strategy is joining the QVARTZ civilisation to deliver world-class innovation and strategy Through the past few years, we have been part of innovation projects, corporate incubators, accelerators, customer experience sprints and new disruptive growth strategies with clients such as Airbus, Novozymes, Danske Bank, Virgin Mobile to name a few. We are experiencing that these themes to a […]

Vertication 2017 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Perhaps no country overcomes adversity like Israel. Despite being located on lands non-conducive to agriculture and surrounded by adversarial countries, Israelis have managed to build a prosperous economy, driven by high-technology. Israel also referred to as Startup Nation, had more companies listed on Nasdaq than any other country except the United States and China. For this year’s company trip, we […]

Growth Spotting: Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interface, the ability for users to interact with computers in natural human language, was one of the most hyped technologies last year. Articles circulated online describing how bots, in the future, will help us with everything from booking meetings, sending timely weather notifications, curating news, tracking packages, to ordering flowers for our loved ones. […]