Visiting Village Underground

Located next to LX Factory and near the old Lisbon docks, entering Village Underground can seem confusing and overwhelming at first. The place is composed of 13 maritime containers and 2 disabled buses arranged like Tetris and with bright colors, cool graffiti and clever details all around: A wooden swing, a bridge to get from […]

Hacking the team integration process: A short cut towards performance

By Jens Marius Bjerre-Petersen I recently joined a group of growth hackers, entrepreneurs, strategist and designers called Vertical Strategy. The timing was great as I made it just in time to join the Vertication in Lissabon, Portugal where we were to socialize and explore the vibrant local startup scene. During my time in university we […]

Visit to Fabrica de Startups – Lisbon Vertication 2018

Lisbon is quickly growing as a startup hub – in part driven by low cost of highly educated labor and a comfortable lifestyle. To support the ecosystem, a range of public and private institutions have sprung up. Among these is Fabrica de Startups, a for-profit organization focussing on connecting ideas, start-ups, corporates and team members. […]

What we learn from visiting startup hubs around the world

This plane is going to Lisbon, the Pilot says out loud in the cabin. On the plane sits among others 25 entrepreneurial peeps from Vertical Strategy – on our way to Lisbon, one of Europe’s fastest-growing startup hubs to get inspired by the entrepreneurial vibe. Last year in Tel Aviv we were surprised to learn […]