Bringing the Sunday platform to life.

Danske Bank - Sunday


Sunday is the first product out of Danske Bank’s entrepreneurial idea-factory MobileLife. In collaboration with MobileLife, Vertical identified opportunities to improve the customer journey of potential home-owners.

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Purchasing a home is not only the largest financial decision for most people, it also determines where you will spend many future years. Therefore, it is not surprising that consumers spend a great deal of time that balancing between location, arrangement, and price. However, the traditional search process displays all available housing, rather than the options available within your economy. This leads to wasted time (and a few extra grey hairs), as options are too many, and you will have to deal with both housing preferences and financing separately. Because of this setup, many people find the home buying process frustrating.



Vertical was brought on board to co-create Sunday together with Simon Haldrup, Head of MobileLife. In order to understand the desired customer experience, Vertical fleshed out and translated the customer journey into desirable and actionable ideas. Based on this understanding, we followed up by morphing the ideas into tangible and executable prototypes – all done in close collaboration with local cross-functional teams of user experience designers, IT architects and concept thinkers. In order to secure the long-term viability and strategic relevance of the concepts, Vertical assisted the Sunday team with identifying new and innovative business models, as well as how they could be successfully tracked. Finally, Vertical supported the ongoing communication with the executive board of Danske Bank.



With Sunday, Danske Bank have re-thought the search process of future home owners, accomplished in less than 12 months. Today, the implemented process for Sunday is the blue print for future project developments within MobileLife.

“These guys are great – I have the utmost respect for their contribution to Sunday. They are entrepreneurial and agile in their mind-set, yet grounded and structured in their strategic approach. It’s the perfect mix for a disrupter like Sunday which is still tied back to the mothership”

Simon Haldrup,
Executive Vice President, Danske Bank