We helped Sunday revolutionize the real estate industry. is the first product out of Danske Bank’s entrepreneurial idea-factory MobileLife. In close collaboration with the Sunday team, Vertical assisted with the development of the overall strategy and main concepts, to ensure a successful digitalisation of the home-buying journey.



The financial industry which touches us all is on the brink of disruption. Entrepreneurs are unbundling the industry and the fintech scene is flourishing on a global scale. At the same time, incumbents are working harder than ever to re-invent their business models, and non-industry players like Google and Facebook are investing heavily in order to strengthen offerings within payments and traditional banking. Additionally, user needs are shifting fuelled by rise of exponential technologies.

In order to tackle the threat of industry disruption head-on and leverage the positive learnings from MobilePay, Danske Bank established the entrepreneurial spin-off MobileLife in the fall of 2014. This team is located outside Danske Bank and is now better known as Sunday. This new team set out to establish and build an independent intrapreneurial unit, which could re-define and re-position one of the banks’ core business areas – the valuable business of buying and selling homes.


Vertical was brought on board to co-create the future strategy for Sunday together with the Head of the Unit. In order to understand the current and desired customer experience, Vertical fleshed out and translated the customer journey into desirable and actionable ideas. Next step in the process was managing the conceptualization process and morphing these ideas into tangible and executable prototypes – all done in close collaboration with local cross-functional teams of user experience designers, IT architects and concept thinkers.

In order to secure the long-term viability and strategic relevance of the concepts, Vertical assisted the Sunday team with identifying new and innovative business models. Close and continuous collaboration with the Head of the Unit ensured a strategic and innovative long-term vision – a vision, which is supported by trackable and meaningful OKR’s. Finally, Vertical supported the ongoing communication track, which links directly into the executive board of Danske Bank.

By applying a pragmatic, entrepreneurial and innovative approach to the Sunday strategy, Vertical together with the team continuously challenged the status quo and redefined strategic success measures and business drivers to include customer flow, gravity and entrepreneurial execution power.


With Sunday, Danske Bank have created a new precedent in the digital realm of buying and selling homes. By completely re-thinking the customer journey and the long-term vision, Sunday is now ready to give customers a fresh and innovative alternative when searching for a dream home.

In close collaboration, the Sunday team and Vertical took a completely new business idea from a strategic headline to launch in less than 12 months. To support this growth, successful collaboration was needed to build and scope an intrapreneurial organisation that is innovative and fast paced with an execution mind-set. This process lead to a blue print for disruption which Sunday and Danske Bank can replicate and bring to other parts of their business.


Danske Bank - Sunday
VERTICAL STRATEGY case - Danske Bank, Sunday
VERTICAL STRATEGY case - Danske Bank, Sunday

“These guys are great – I have the utmost respect for their contribution to Sunday. They are entrepreneurial and agile in their mind-set, yet grounded and structured in their strategic approach. It’s the perfect mix for a disrupter like Sunday which is still tied back to the mothership”