The Vertical Way

We're a team of strategists, entrepreneurs and rebels who revolutionize industries - and have fun while doing it. We develop teams in which the sum is greater than its parts.

Therefore, we take culture as serious as work. In our opinion work should be fun, challenging and with likable people. If you connect with our values, we would love to hear from you.


We embrace change and
act like entrepreneurs


We care for each other
and do what's right


We incorporate passion and play
into our work culture DNA


Culture is not created from a document placed on a wall by management. Culture is shaped from daily interactions, intentions and decisions made by all employees. At Vertical, we all take responsibility for shaping the company. We have kanban meetings. We have nerf guns. We are transparent from top to bottom. We play table tennis. And once in a while, we take a break to celebrate.

Ready For A Vertical Career?

Senior Consultant

You will work in the intersection of strategy and technology for national and international clients. 3-5 years of experience is expected.

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You will lead our teams of consultants. You have extensive management experience and are a capable mentor. 6+ years experience is expected.

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Digital Strategist

You will help clients unleash their digital potential. You have a solid understanding of digital solutions and corporate strategy. 2+ years experience is preferred.

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Innovation Manager

You will help corporates bridge the gap between research and commercialization. You have a flair for stakeholder management and R&D. 4+ years experience is expected.

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CX Consultant

You will help corporates develop solutions that their customers love. You will create journey maps, ideate with clients and test new concepts. 2+ years experience is expected.

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CX Manager

You will lead our CX projects across multiple industries. You have a background in project management and a knack for digital strategy. 5+ years experience is expected.

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Can't find an open position that fits your profile? We're always interested in talented individuals, so please send us a message, explaining who you are and what makes you tick.